BRAIN-FETs 2014: 1st Clustering Workshop on Future Emerging NeuroTechnologies

This workshop aims at clustering a relatively small subset of the European FET community, particularly active on Brain inspired ICT, Neurotechnologies, novel materials, and computational approaches. It is a unique opportunity to learn about ongoing research and to critically contribute in designing next steps in FETs, successfully facing the many challenges that await.

The cluster of EC-funded projects who organize the event (see the workshop flyer for the list), is characterized by common efforts, integrating innovative developments on future emerging technologies applied to Neuroscience, and qualified by a synergy among diverse experimental, computational, and engineering approaches.

The format of the workshop consists in a two-days event and in a networking evening. Participants from EC-funded Projects are welcome to present their research in a poster session and to meet colleagues with a heterogeneous background and from all over Europe.

Interested? Register as soon as possible by filling and submitting the online application form, WHICH can be found on the link below. Admission will be limited to the first 150 participants.

The conference registration fee, covering coffee breaks, lunches and the social dinner is: 100 EUR. your social media marketing partner