CONNECT Competition

CONNECT is an entrepreneurship programme financed by the European Commission and targeted at European new entrepreneurs starting up businesses with the potential to grow internationally. Selected entrepreneurs will embark on an exchange scheme in Brazil, where they will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from an experienced host entrepreneur. The stay will be partly financed by the European Commission. Applications are open until 15 July, with limited places available.

Benefits for European new entrepreneurs:

  • Receive mentoring and guidance in a successful enterprise in Brazil;
  • Work alongside and learn from an experienced host entrepreneur;
  • Strengthen sector-specific skills, develop self-confidence and improve language skills;
  • Find new business partners, access new markets and speed-up the growth of the business internationally;
  • Benefit from financial assistance to partly cover the costs of the stay;
  • Accelerate the successful development of his/her startup or business idea. your social media marketing partner