Swiss partner participation in Erasmus+ 2023 - KA2. Letter of proposal detailed to Greek coordinators

Dear colleagues,

I believe you will welcome my proposal with the opportunity to offer to Erasmus+ KA2 greek coordinators the participation in a project of my qualified university.

I think that in effect you as Greek NA could offer to project coordinators of KA2 (in different fields, VET, higher, etc.) a sound added value.

Please feel free to use the letter for your consultations with project coordinators but also if you plan info-days on the call (particularly on KA2) and also feel free to publish my letter on your website.

I’m fully available for any further explanation, also for a call with potential coordinators in order to explain the opportunity, possible contents and details.

Thank you for your collaboration and keep in touch for potential coordinators interested in such Swiss participation.

I will be happy to get your contact.

Have a brilliant start of new year.

Best regards


Filippo Bignami, PhD


Senior researcher and lecturer

University of applied sciences of Southern Switzerland, SUPSI – Department of economics, health and social sciences, DEASS

LUCI - Labour, Urbanscape and CItizenship Research area

Palazzo E

Via Cantonale 16

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