Call for independent experts for Health, Demographic Changes and Wellbeing for Horizon 2020

The calls for independent experts for Horizon 2020 have been published ( They are addressed to individuals for the establishment of a database of prospective independent experts and to organisations such as research agencies, research institutions, universities, standardisation organisations, civil society organisations or enterprises, to attract experts with the widest range of profiles needed for Horizon 2020. These include all the areas of research but also cross-cutting aspects such as: innovation, SMEs, dissemination, knowledge transfer and intellectual property rights, social and economic sciences and humanities, sustainable development and international cooperation. The final expert database will be used, amongst others, to select expert evaluators and reviewers.

Register and/or update your file in the Research and Innovation Participant portal for experts. Please see instructions on how to register here below.For any question, please consult the expert Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for details (, and if you have any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact.

The call can be found at: including the full text of the calls:

For individuals:

For organisations:



To register or update your profile in the database platform, it is needed to fill all mandatory fields. Please take note of the following:

- In the "Programme selection" section, you should tick the "Horizon 2020" box.

- In the "Area of expertise" section, you should update your specialist field(s) and pre-defined themes in order to optimise your chances of being selected for Horizon 2020 assignments.

- Please ensure your profile is "valid". The Commission services, when searching for specific expertise, will only be able to identify you if you have a valid expert profile. Once logged-in, you can see on the top left of the screen that your profile is currently invalid (X/6 Status Invalid). The 'see details' link highlights the missing data in your profile. You have to complete all six sections of your profile in order for it to be valid (a green tick mark indicates that the section is valid).

- To create/access an expert profile you need to first have an ECAS (European Commission's Authentication Service) account accessible via the Log-in/Register links on the expert welcome page. your social media marketing partner