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Food legislation: Commission publishes a Staff Working Document on the Fitness Check of the General Food Law


Today, the Commission has published its report (Staff Working Document) on the fitness check of the General Food Law. This evaluation, launched in 2014, assesses whether the GFL Regulation, including its principles as applied in subsequent legislation, is still 'fit for purpose', taking also current trends and needs, and whether there is potential for simplification and the reduction of regulatory costs and burdens.

Overall, GFL has achieved its core objectives, notably a high protection of human health and consumers' interests, as well as a smooth functioning of the internal market. The document also puts forward some challenges, including differences in the implementation and enforcement of certain requirements at national level, or the need for more transparency as regards risk assessment, in particular in the context of authorisations.

All important documents related to this publication available on our "Fitness Check of General Food Law" webpage. your social media marketing partner