Corrigendum: EFSA grant - Call for proposals - Framework Art.36 of Reg. (EC) 178/2002

This message is addressed to the competent organisations, designated by the Member States and approved by the EFSA Management Board, which may assist the Authority with its mission (under Article 36 of the Regulation EC 178/2002). This email was also sent to the EFSA national Focal Points.

Dear Contact Person,

This email is addressed to you as the contact person for your organisation on the Article 36 list, in the framework of networking of organisations operating in the fields within EFSA`s mission across Europe.

Please disseminate this information to possibly interested people within your organisation.

The following Call for Proposals (grant) was published and recently updated on the EFSA website:

GP/EFSA/NUTRI /2017/01 - "Entrusting Preparatory Work for the Safety Assessment on Novel Foods and Traditional Foods from Third Countries”.

The aim of this call is to conclude Framework Partnership Agreements in order to identifying organisations to which preparatory work for the safety assessment of novel foods and traditional foods from third countries can be entrusted by EFSA.

The deadline for submission of proposals was extended by Friday 17th November 2017.

Please note that there were published a Clarification, and the call was also respectively updated by Corrigenda.

More information about this call can be found on EFSA’s website in the updated call documents here:

Thank you disseminating the information about this call to your colleagues.

Kind regards,

Networking & Partnership Team

Advisory Forum and Scientific Cooperation Unit (AFSCO) /

Communications & External Relations Department (COMMS)

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

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