H2020 Pre-Brokerage at ARTEMIS Technology Conference 2016

** H2020 Pre-Brokerage at ARTEMIS Technology Conference **

On 4-5 October ARTEMIS-IA will organise a H2020 Pre-Brokerage, as part of the ARTEMIS Technology Conference 5-6 October. The invitation to register for the event will be sent on 21 July. For the Pre-Brokerage we invite you to prepare yourself for the upcoming relevant calls, such as H2020 ICT, IoT and ECSEL.

The Project Idea Tool on the ARTEMIS-IA website is open now, in order to provide a digital meeting place already before the event itself. On top of this, the great news is that entrance for this H2020 Pre-Brokerage, as part of the ARTEMIS Technology Conference, will be free of charge for ARTEMIS-IA members. For non-members to join both H2020 Pre-Brokerage and ARTEMIS Technology Conference, the entrance fee is 200 EUR.


6 Reasons why you should not miss this ARTEMIS H2020 Pre-Brokerage

  1. propose your project idea to potential project partners in an early stage
  2. have a full Project idea overview to check project ideas from others and join their consortium
  3. have sufficient time to work out project ideas to indicative proposal
  4. build a strong project consortium
  5. enlarge your network with new contacts from different CPS related communities
  6. visit the ARTEMIS Technology Conference at the same time, to gain information both on project achievements and state-of-the-art technology.


How to make the best out of the ARTEMIS H2020 Pre-Brokerage

Prior to the Pre-Brokerage, we invite all participants to make their project ideas known via the ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool (PIT). Use the ARTEMIS Brokerage poster example in the PIT to create a project idea poster. Consortia that have uploaded their idea in the ARTEMIS Project Idea Tool will have the opportunity to:

  • present their idea in the plenary session in a short project pitch (5 min) to promote their poster
  • get poster space to further generate interest during the poster session (after project pitches)

You can submit your project idea into the Project Idea Tool until 30 September 2016, through the following direct link: Project Idea Tool.

Note: We use PIT to schedule the project pitches in a plenary session. The number of available pitch time slots is limited, and on a first entered-first served basis. Therefore, if you intend to present your project idea in this session, please make sure that you have indicated this in PIT.


Make use of this great opportunity for consortium building, networking and shaping the future together. We look forward to seeing you in Madrid!

Kind regards,

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