The initiative CIP Eco-innovation First Application and Market Replication Projects (hereinafter: "CIP Eco-innovation") is part of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme.
The three main aspects of CIP Eco-innovation are:

  1. Environmental benefits
  2. Economic benefits (including wide replication)
  3. Contribution of projects to innovation

CIP Eco-innovation will support projects concerned with the first application or market replication of eco-innovative techniques, products, processes or practices, which have already been technically demonstrated, but due to remaining risks need incentives to penetrate significantly the market.

CIP Eco-innovation will also support market oriented activities related to the uptake of environmental technologies and eco-innovative activities by enterprises and the implementation of new or integrated approches to eco-innovation

Projects are expected on the following fields:

  • Materials recycling
  • Sustainable building products
  • Food and drink sector
  • Water
  • Greening businesses

Natural persons are not eligible. Applicants must be established in the territory of the European Member States.  Likewise, the programme is also open to legal persons established in:

  • European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries which are members of the European Economic Area (EEA), in accordance with the conditions laid down in the EEA Agreement.
  • Accession countries and candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy,in accordance with the general principles and general terms and conditions for the participation of those countries in EU programmes established in the respective Framework agreements and Association Council Decisions.
  • Countries of the Western Balkans, in accordance with the provisions to be determined with those countries following the establishment of Framework Agreements concerning their participation in EU programmes.
  • Other third countries, when Agreements and procedures so allow

The programme is also open to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and to international organisations ( entities arising from an association of States, other than the European Union, established on the basis of a treaty or similar act, having common institutions and an international legal personality distinct from that of its Member States)

The financial contribution under CIP Eco-innovation takes the form of a grant to off-set part of the total eligible costs of the project, under a maximum rate of 50 % of these costs per project.
Average funding from the European Commission for a typical project would be around €800.000 your social media marketing partner